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No matter how experienced the endoscopist, an endoscopy is still an examination which is unpredictable and potentially technically difficult.

In recent decades, the evolution of endoscopic equipment has essentially focused on improving the images obtained, to obtain a better analysis of the mucosa.

The basis of the work done by Dr Jean-Christophe LÉTARD is to return to the fundamental core of colonoscopy technique, to «re-practice and review the methods» which were probably better known to the oldest endoscopists. Recalling the details of patient installation, column installation and above all manipulation of the endoscope are essential for a successful colonoscopy, providing for ideal progress and, above all, endoscopic stability while carrying out these therapeutic procedures.

Different, very realistic drawings and diagrams effectively illustrate the different stages of colonoscopy with the formation of loops and the various straightening methods.

The comparison with martial arts, particularly Taï-Ji-Quan is a play on the different pelvic and shoulder rotation movements involved in this activity.

We hope that the application of these methods to colonoscopy will combine two benefits: to make the procedure safer, and to improve the physical condition of the gastroenterologist who will become more «Zen» through this daily training!

Professeur Denis Sautereau