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This is the standard examination for exploration of the colon. It is used to analyse the mucosa in detail (zoom, colorants, dye lasers...), take samples for histological examination and for curative or palliative therapeutic procedures. It is difficult to learn, but a colonoscopy is an effective weapon in the prevention of colorectal cancer, a veritable Ā«epidemicĀ», by removing colon adenomas. But like any weapon, it is vital to know how to manipulate the colonoscope and this requires a codified, efficient and transmissible procedure.

The originality of this document is that it details precisely the different movements needed to reduce a large-bowel obstruction or manoeuvre past angles.

Two basic movement sequences have thus been systematised: one to the right for releasing alpha, gamma (D) and omega loops; the other to the left to release a reverse alpha loop, passing left and right and gamma (G) angles.

These sequences are simple, but particularly effective in carrying out a colonoscopy and can be repeated at each examination.